WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Order cigar humidors online from popular brands including Savoy, Quality Importers, Bally, Ambassador, and Diamond Crown.

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Featured Humidor Models:

THE Tycoon Humidor

THE Tycoon Humidor/h3>

Glasstop Walnut Humidor

Glasstop Walnut Humidor

Glasstop Walnut Humidors are built specifically to ensure your investment of cigars are properly taken care of while also doubling as a conversation starter. Anyone who steps into the room will remark on how gorgeous the finish is, and how all 20 of the cigars this holds are lined in this humidor.

Perfecto XLT Travel Humidor

Perfecto XLT Travel Humidor

The Perfecto XLT cigar case combines durability, function and value in this affordable mini-humidor that holds up to 8 full-size cigars. You'll also appreciate the built-in humidifier, lightweight telescope design, easy-to-read hygrometer, and Spanish cedar divider. Nice gift idea, too!

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