WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Order premium quality cigar lighters online from popular brands including Colibri, Blazer, JetLine, Kiribi, Vertigo, Zikar, and more. All types available including single, dual, triple, quad flame, and tabletop models.

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Zippo 1935 Replica

Zippo 1935 Replica Lighter

This 1935 Replica is a genuine Zippo product and comes directly from the Zippo Manufacturing Company in Bradford, PA. The 1935.25 Zippo has a Brushed Chrome finish. The 1935 lighter, is, one-eighth inch shorter than its predecessor models. It was manufactured for less than three years, and is one of the most collectible in Zippo’s history. Like the original, the 1935 Replica features a three-barrel outside hinge joining the lid and bottom, an open hollow rivet that secures flint wheel to inside unit, and a flat bottom case.

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